Scrambled Mess

So, I’ve stripped the cable bare and now I have this to work with…

IMG_1430  Aaaaaand this idea sucks!


Then I found this picture on the net…


..and I thought, what if I used thin wire and made it look like power lines. I could make some power poles and have them amongst trees with the word spelled out in the wire. No point drawing it yet until I know if It’s doable or not.

So I bought this and had a go.

IMG_1436     IMG_1437     IMG_1438

And then I broke it.


I kind of fixed it and then put it under some books to try and flatten it a bit.


Even if it works I don’t think I can make realistic looking power poles for this thing. I could buy a model kit that I saw at the hobby store and then paint it but I think it will still look fake. I could turn it into a power cord or something with Photoshop but I don’t think that much manipulation of the photo is allowed.

Here’s what it looks like.


Why did I choose metal? 😦



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